Doug Baker

Bella Coola Naturalist and Hiking Guide

Doug has been living in the Bella Coola Valley for over 2 decades. His background in forestry has given him an appreciation for the biodiversity of the flora in the valley.  Along with a passion for trees, Doug is also enthusiastic about the fauna, weather, geology and climate of the area.  Doug is always excited to see the daily, seasonal and yearly changes of nature along his 'secret' trails.

With an eye for the landscape dominated by mountains, glaciers, big trees, salmon spawning rivers and wildlife, Doug loves to introduce people to the magnificence of the land with a chance to photograph some of the special places in Tweedsmuir Park and the Coast Mountains.  If you are lucky, you might even catch  a few verses of some of Doug songs and poems inspired from the valley with titles like 'Dale of Atnarko River Valley' or 'Mountains’, or 'Cottonwood Seeds' , while taking in the surroundings on one of his guided nature walks.