Ellie Lamb

Grizzly Bear Whisperer

Bella Coola Naturalist and Hiking Guide

Born and raised in rural southern Alberta, Canada, Ellie (on the right in the above photo) grew up with the magnificent Rocky Mountain Range at her door step.  From a young age the mountains beckoned to her and on foot or by horseback, she explored the wild landscape of the Rockies. As an adult Ellie introduced others to the beauty of the wilderness and shared with them her passion for wildlife and flora of the forest.

As a wildlife bronze artist specializing in bears, Ellie has spent many years in the wilderness learning about these animals.  She has had the good fortune of working with well-known, knowledgeable bear and wildlife specialists and has learned to not only love and respect wildlife but through education, how to protect and co-exist with them.  “When people learn about these gentle, polite animals they gain a greater understanding and are motivated to protect them.  It is this understanding and compassion that leads me to guide people into their worlds”. 

In addition to her love of the wilderness, Ellie is a member of the British Columbia Search Dogs Association and a Search and Rescue volunteer.  She is a personal fitness trainer and has black belts in a number of martial art disciplines.

As a wildlife guide, Ellie is an avid naturalist with a keen understanding of the eco-system she guides in. She shares with you her gentle demeanour and kind spirit and you will be instantly drawn into her love and passion for the outdoors.


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