Via Ferrata Itinerary

BCE - Via Ferrata And Bella Coola Valley Hike
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Kick-start your day with a choice of a hot or continental breakfast. Breakfast dining times are 7:30 am and 8:15 am.

Morning (~09:00 am) - Via Ferrata

This assisted climbing experience provides participants with a spectacular self-propelled mountain adventure, amazing scenery, and an exciting feeling of exposure with low risk. Our Via Ferrata, from the Italian meaning ‘iron way’, is a network of 360 metal rungs, ladders, and wires that enable most people, from kids to seniors, to safely climb cliffs without needing rock-climbing skills. Via Ferratas have a military origin and were used in the Dolomite Mountains during World War One to transport troops. Today they are simply tons of fun! Our experienced guides will help guests up short rock faces, across thin ledges and along ridge lines, all at their pace, making sure they can make the most of the stunning natural landscape in a safe manner.

A delicious lunch will be served back at the lodge.

Afternoon (~2:00 pm) - Guided Bella Coola Valley Hike

Discover extraordinary hikes with the support of a local guide. These hikes are a step above your ordinary walk in the park. The scenery is jaw dropping and the forests and rivers remain pristine. Options include: an easy stroll along the Tote Road for a glimpse into Bella Coola’s pioneering past; a moderate loop trail that follows in the footsteps of Sir Alexander Mackenzie on his epic crossing of Canada in 1793; or a vigorous and exercising climb up to elevation points to enjoy views of the valley, waterfalls and mountain views. All tours are are led by one of our experienced local guides. They will share their interests in wildlife, geography, forest ecosystems and photography to ensure that the guest experience is truly memorable and well spent.

After the hike, you will return to the lodge in the late afternoon. There will be time before dinner to relax and enjoy some hors d’oeuvres on the sun deck while exchanging stories of the day with your fellow guests.