Great Reasons To Visit Bella Coola In October

October is a great month to visit Bella Coola! Here's why this is such a good month to visit:

Grizzly Bears! 

October is a fantastic time to view grizzly bears! The bears are fattening up before going into hibernation. October guests also benefit from the fact that our guides have spent 30 days monitoring the bear's activities and often have a much better idea of where they like to spend time. 

In October, grizzlies seem to frequent our lower lodge lawn more often than during other months in order to graze on the clover mixed amongst the grass. Sometimes it is possible to view bears right from the main lodge or from your own private chalet.

No Crowds!

Well, there's really no such thing in Bella Coola, however we are the only bear viewing operation running tours in late October and the public viewing station is closed. This means our guests pretty much have the river to themselves.

Beautiful Autumn Colours! 

The contrast is amazing: lush, green lawns, with deciduous trees displaying every variation of green, yellow, orange and red you can imagine. Some years there might be a backdrop of white on the mountain tops after they receive their first dustings of snow. This makes for fantastic photography opportunities.

Mild Temperatures 

In October the summer heat is long gone and winter's frigid temperatures haven't arrived just yet. 


Have you been to Bella Coola in the fall and seen cars parked on the side of the road? They are mushroom pickers! The damp forest floor is perfect for Pine Mushrooms to flourish. You might even get to enjoy some for dinner while staying at the lodge.