Up to 5 guests

Time of year

Late June to Mid October


2-3 hours

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level

Activity Overview

This flight encompasses the same highlights as the 15 minute flight, but the additional 15 minutes of flight time allows for an expanded aerial experience. After flying past Mt. Saugstad the helicopter will head towards the fjords for spectacular marine views before heading back to the heliport.

As an added bonus, the helicopter will land somewhere en route, either in the mountains, on a beach, or next to the largest cedar tree on the entire coast. Guests will be able to disembark, explore a bit on foot, and take pictures. A photograph of themselves, standing next to the helicopter in a stunning location, is often a valued memento.  

The helicopter is piloted by an experienced mountain pilot. There is space for 5 passengers, all sitting facing forward, with clear views out the front and the side windows. 

Note: Guests interested in heli-sightseeing are encouraged to optimize their experience by pairing this tour with Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley to complete a full day itinerary.

*Important Note!* - This activity is subject to availability. This activity can be pre-purchased; however, it is not confirmed until we receive final confirmation from our partner company that the helicopter and pilot are available. Although helicopters can operate in less than perfect weather, flight dates may need to be amended subject to weather conditions.

Quick Facts

  • Who Should Book?
    • This aerial adventure is designed for guests who want to see more than is possible on a 15 minute flight and want to experience dramatic views of both glacial mountain peaks and inland coastal fjords 
    • This activity is especially appropriate for photographers who want to capture still images from outside of the helicopter during the 15 minute landing

Note: The extra time in the air and the opportunity to land in the mountains are well worth the additional expense. 

  • Safety & Mobility Considerations
    • This activity requires light flexibility and fitness in order to get in and out of the helicopter
  • Minimum Age
    • 2+

What to Bring

  • A warm jacket because it can be cool when the group lands and disembarks in the mountains
  • A small backpack for snacks, fluids, and other important personal items
  • A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray are highly recommended
  • A camera to capture the experience and binoculars to view distant objects

Sample Itinerary

  • Start - This activity begins at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
    • Guests board one of our shuttles and drive approx. 45 minutes south along Highway 20 to the hanger for West Coast Helicopters located at the Bella Coola Airport
    • Upon arrival at the hanger, guests are introduced to the pilot and participate in a helicopter safety orientation prior to boarding for the flight
    • At a location chosen for its scenic quality, and taking into account the day’s weather conditions, the helicopter will land and shut down for approx. 15 minutes
    • Guests can disembark, stretch their legs on a short exploration of the surroundings, and take photographs of the view and themselves before continuing with the flight
  • End - This activity ends back at the West Coast Helicopters’ hangar
    • Guests board one of our shuttles for an approx. 45 minute drive East back to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
    • Upon arrival back at the lodge, guests enjoy a delicious lunch (morning departures) or apres on the deck (afternoon departures) if they have purchased one of our all-inclusive packages

Note: Capacity is limited in each of our activities and we prioritize space for guests staying at the lodge. That being said, we occasionally have space for guests not staying at the lodge. If you will not be staying with us and would like to book this activity, please contact us by phone at 604-905-4994 or by email at [email protected].