Scenic Atnarko River Drifts:

Unmatched Scenery You Won’t Want to Miss

Gently drift along a river surrounded by towering mountain peaks while looking for grizzly bears, eagles, fish, birds, deer and more!

If you feel like you’ve been cooped up lately and are craving a sensational adventure this summer, we don’t blame you! We’re excited to offer various activities at the lodge, perfect for all fitness and experience levels. Take a guided nature walk in the morning, then drift down the meandering Atnarko River, all on the same day! 

Whether you’re looking for a different change of pace or just want to go with the “flow” (...pun intended), our Scenic Atnarko River Drifts are just the thing for you! Our drifts aren’t about hitting intense rapids or massive swells – we take a more laid-back approach and mean it when we say “drift.” You’ll be surrounded by stunning, lush greenery and abundant wildlife, so we know you’ll just want to sit back and soak in the scenery and wildlife around you. Here’s a breakdown of Atnarko River Wilderness Drift.

About River Drifts

Scenic Atnarko River Drifts are eco-tours available from June 8th to August 31st and are great for all ages! Because these drifts aren’t fast-paced, this activity is accessible to everyone with good mobility and doesn’t require any prior boating experience. 

Our river drifts take place in Class One Waters, meaning our drifts are not about the thrill of running rapids but about the serenity of travelling at a slow pace in a pristine environment. So, bring your camera and a snack - and you’re bound to get some incredible shots that will leave your friends and family feeling jealous. 

The Wonder of the Wild 

What makes this river drift so unique is its access to remote areas of the lush Great Bear Rainforest and Central Coast of BC. Hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the Old Growth Forest, you’ll find all sorts of birdlife, including bald eagle.

Depending on the time of year, you may see birds, all sorts of salmon, grizzly bears, and of course, glorious scenery!  Since grizzly bears are active most in late summer and fall in the Bella Coola Valley, there’s a very high possibility you just might spot one on your drift! 

Types of Trips 

We offer two types of trips; Private and Small Groups. Our drifts are run by one of our experienced tour guides, who have a keen eye for spotting wildlife – and yes, we check their resumes for “I Spy Champion.” 

Our Private drifts take place in McKenzie Drift Boats. These comfortably fit up to 3 adults, 1 guide and gear (weight restrictions apply and change with varying river levels). Plan on drifting with kids? Great! We love kids! We can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children in our private drifts. All of our boats are non-motorized, meaning we’re able to get up close and personal to wildlife without interfering or disturbing nature. 

“Look! A bald eagle on your right!” 

Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Capture amazing shots of bears, salmon, and bald eagle - oh my! Our tour guides aren’t only experts in spotting wildlife and rattling off random historical facts about the environment. They’re expert rowers, too, meaning it’s smooth sailing no matter the size of your boat.   

The other option is the Small Group drifts, holding a maximum of 6 guests in a rubber raft, meaning you don’t have to fight for leg-room, and you are sharing the raft with other guests to keep the cost down. In addition, just like the McKenzie Drift Boats, these state-of-the-art inflatable rafts come equipped with swivel seats for 360-degree viewing (oooo ahhhhh). 

What to Pack 

We’ll take the guesswork out of packing for you. 

Here’s what you might want to bring: 

  • Good worn-in hiking shoes. Low or medium cut shoes are suitable for most hikes

  • Small backpack for lunch, snacks, fluids, and personal gear

  • Comfortable pants

  • Shirt, fleece or sweater

  • Fleece or knitted hat, baseball cap or sun hat

  • Thin gloves

  • Change of socks

  • Wind jacket and pants or light rain gear

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Camera with a large memory card for all those great shots

  • Binoculars 

  • Personal medication, if applicable

Know Before You Go!

We can’t have fun without a few restrictions set in place for everyone’s safety, which is our top priority. Our river drift season begins in late June or early July but is subject to varying water levels. We urge you to call us before booking or stay updated with us on social media. We maintain a weight capacity of 750 lbs on our Drift Boats to ensure we’re not interfering with nature. If you’re planning on drifting with children, please make sure to book accordingly. Children weighing less than 70 lbs (32 kg) are required to wear a child-specific lifejacket.

Click here to view a video on the Scenic River Drifts, to book your next great adventure, or view our current rates!