Via Ferrata: Your Greatest Ascent Yet!

Climb above the Great Bear Rainforest

If you feel like you’ve been cooped up lately and are craving a sensational adventure this summer, we don’t blame you! We’re excited to offer various activities at the lodge, perfect for all fitness and experience levels. You can take a guided nature walk in the morning basking in the beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest, then climb above the treeline on a Via Ferrata trek, all on the same day! 

For those looking to step out of their comfort zones and soak in mountain top views- the Via Ferrata course offers just that! If the feeling of adrenaline rushing through you as you make your final surge towards the top of the world has peaked your interest (pun intended...), but you worry this experience is reserved for experienced mountaineers, we have good news – you can do it too! 

Our Reservations Coordinator, Ally, was nervous about doing the Via Ferrata for the first time, but ended being blown away by the experience. Here's what she said:

"As someone who is scared of heights, I can certainly say that the Via Ferrata at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is a must-do! After our safety briefing with our great team of guides, I felt super confident using the safety equipment provided and throughout the entire climb the guides were so encouraging, which helped me to keep on climbing! Not only did I feel a sense of accomplishment when we got to the top but the view, WOW!! For anyone wondering if this activity is for them, my advice would be, DO IT!!"

Here is a breakdown of Via Ferrata, our newest experience where no climber, beginner or advanced, is left behind!

About Via Ferrata 

For those unfamiliar with Via Ferrata, it’s a network of metal rungs, ladders, and wires – ‘Via Ferrata’ comes from Italian, meaning ‘iron way,’ making this activity unique. Via Ferrata initially had a military origin and were used in the Dolomite Mountains during World War One to transport troops. Now, this is a terrific way to explore the outdoors and reach new viewpoints. A photoshoot moment that’s calling your name! 

Know Before You Go!

Almost anyone can partake in Via Ferrata! What’s so great about this activity is that it enables all ages, and most fitness levels, to safely climb without previous rock-climbing experience. Our experienced guides will take you through the mapped-out courses, helping guests up short rock faces, across thin ledges and along ridgelines, along the way. You don’t need to worry about being speedy. Our guides will go at your pace, ensuring you can make the most of the stunning natural landscape. Believe us, you’ll want to stop and take in the breathtaking views along the way.  

This ladder- and rung-assisted climbing experience is designed for guests who can comfortably climb a vertical ladder and are not very afraid of heights (a little bit of fear/apprehension is no problem!). To ensure everyone’s safety, guests are required to wear safety harnesses and are clipped to a cable through a specialized lanyard. 

  1. Cable Pathway: this is your pathway up the mountain. The route allows you to enjoy the climb and beautiful views while being safely secured.
  2. Iron Rungs: are what gives Via Ferrata its' name! These iron rungs allow anyone, no matter their climbing experience, to make their way up rock faces
  3. Helmet: At Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, we value your safety, therefore wearing a helmet is mandatory
  4. Harness: connects you to the cable pathway at all times with the carabiner and leash to provide security
  5. Carabiner and Lanyard: The slide through carabiner and lanyard connects you to the harness and cable pathway
  6. Appropriate Footwear: Good hiking boots or trail shoes without an open toe and good grip are important to make your climb up smooth and comfortable

We supply harnesses, helmets, lanyards, and gloves to guests for free.

Types of Routes

We offer two routes tailored to each parties’ preferences. The first option is a moderate vertical ladder route, while the second is a more advanced route that includes aerial wire bridges. Our expert guides, with input from your group, will determine which course to take. At the top, you’ll reap the benefits of your ascend with stunning views of the valley and surrounding mountains. 

What to Pack 

  • Comfortable closed-toe trail or hiking shoes

  • Comfortable layered clothing that is appropriate for variable weather

  • conditions, wind protection, and possible rain

  • A small backpack for snacks, fluids, and other essential personal items

  • A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray are highly recommended

  • A camera to capture the experience! 

Adventures and Accessibility 

We can’t have fun without a few restrictions set in place for everyone’s safety, which is our top priority. While we would love for everyone to experience Via Ferrata, it’s not appropriate for those with mobility restrictions. The maximum per person weight is 265 lbs (120 kg), and children under 88 lbs (40 kg) must be short-roped to the guide. Additionally, groups with two children under 88lbs (40 kg) are required to hire a second guide at an additional cost of $100 (subject to availability).


For rates and more info, and to secure a spot this summer, visit our Via Ferrata page.