How Can I View the Wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest?

We know one of the reasons to come to the Bella Coola Valley and the Great Bear Rainforest is to see wildlife. However, wildlife is just that - 'wild'. They do not appear when we want them to. However, we are fortunate that we can offer various methods to maximize your time with us that will increase your chances of seeing many animals!

All Inclusive Packages

Without doubt the best way to ensure you see lots of wildlife is by booking one of our packages. Each package is designed to get you out into the forest or on to the river in order to look for wildlife. Each day is comprised of either a Full Day tour, or 2 Half Days with one of our highly experienced guides. Additionally, we give you the choice of booking a Private package (just your group and the guide) or a Small Group package, with a maximum of 6 guests. Learn more here.

Daily Tours

People who are staying with us get first priority for all our tours. We occasionally allow non-guests to join. Therefore, if you are camping or staying elsewhere, feel free to drop us a line a couple of days before your preferred dates to see if we have availability. Explore our list of guided trips on the Activities page.

Prime Lodge Location

Being located just 200m on a pristine river has its advantages! Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is unique in British Columbia in that our guests do not need to travel AWAY from the lodge to go bear viewing! Guests can view bears literally right on the lodge property!

Private Wildlife Viewing Platforms

At some bear viewing locations guests are only allowed to stay at a viewing stand for a short, set amount of time. At Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, our guests can watch grizzlies feed on salmon for as long as they like! We have 2 viewing platforms....both for the sole use of our guests and not for members of the general public. They are located less than a 3 minute walk from the guest chalets. Have a look at our Wildlife Viewing Platforms