While you are staying with us at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, we can recommend a number of excellent outdoor activities to enjoy. All tours are designed to showcase what the Bella Coola Valley and the Great Bear Rainforest has to offer, while at the same time minimizing our impact on this wonderful area and its remarkable wildlife. See below for our range of FREE activities, as well as our popular guided tours.

Non-lodge guests: If you are not staying with us, it may be possible to join our tours. To check on availability, send a request through our Inquiry Form or call 604 905 4994 (Toll-free: 1 877 982 2407). 

Note: these tours require participants to sign our waiver at the lodge. Click here to view the waiver.

Activity Locations

  • 1- The Tote Road

    1- The Tote Road

    Explore old homesteads & look for grizzlies.

  • 2- The Hill

    2- The Hill

    A steep 21km stretch from Heckman’s Pass on the 43km unpaved section of Hwy 20. Once the pavement starts it is 16km to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.

    One of the ways to get here
  • 3 - Hunlen Falls
    Illustrative image for 3 - Hunlen Falls

    3 - Hunlen Falls

    Canada’s 3rd highest waterfall and 1st in Canada for continuous drop. It’s almost 8 times higher than Niagara Falls!

    Visit the falls by helicopter!
  • 4 - Walker Island
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    4 - Walker Island

    Walk amongst gigantic cedar trees & visit sites of significance to First Nation peoples

    Explore on a Guided Nature Walk
  • 5 - Tallheo Cannery
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    5 - Tallheo Cannery

    Visit the picturesque and historic cannery on a Fjord Tour.

    Fjord Tours
  • 6 - Fjord Cruises
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    6 - Fjord Cruises

    Cruise the fjord and take in the magical scenery. Breathe in the sea air and float past waterfalls, look for whales and dolphins and visit oceanside hot springs, a giant cedar tree and the historic Tallheo Cannery.

    More info
  • 7 - Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Wildlife Viewing Platforms
    Illustrative image for 7 - Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Wildlife Viewing Platforms

    7 - Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Wildlife Viewing Platforms

    A great way to observe wildlife is by hanging out at one of our guest-only viewing platforms.

    The Viewing Platforms
  • 8 - Belarko Viewing Platform

    8 - Belarko Viewing Platform

    A wildlife viewing platform open to the public, maintained by Parks Canada.

    Parks Canada Tweedsmuir Park page
  • 9 - Petroglyphs
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    9 - Petroglyphs

    Amazing ancient stone carvings. Exact location not shown to keep it secret. Native Nuxalk guides will show you where!

    Experience First Nations culture
  • 10 - The Rainbow Range
    Illustrative image for 10 - The Rainbow Range

    10 - The Rainbow Range

    Marvel at the stunning colours of the Rainbow Range and explore the Chilcotin Plateau!

    This hike is part of the Bella Coola Explorer
  • Helicopter icon locations
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    Helicopter icon locations

    Explore remote areas by helicopter. View alpine meadows, calving glaciers, waterfalls, ice caves & more!

    Heli-Hiking info

Via Ferrata

Climb above the Great Bear Rainforest for stunning views of the Bella Coola valley

Fun for kids and adults! A via ferrata is a course of metal rungs and bridges allowing you to climb up rocks, while safely being connected by a sturdy cable. Come challenge yourself and take in the fantastic scenery.


Explore our spectacular region by electric mountain bikes!

Join us on an off-the-beaten path adventure! E-bikes are easy to use and a great way to explore the area.

Free Activities

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge may be remote, however, there are tons of activities for adults and kids alike!

We encourage you to join us on some guided activities, however, we have a plethora of fun things to do that are FREE. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is the perfect getaway for couples or families that would like to spend quality time together....or separately!


Revel in adrenaline-inducing heights and postcard-worthy views with our Heli-Hiking and Heli-Sightseeing package add-ons.

Gain a bird's-eye view of Canada's third highest waterfall, plus glaciers, towering peaks, granite cliffs, alpine meadows, fields of colourful wildflowers and more.


Enjoy the aerial views of the Heli-Sightseeing tours, with the bonus of landing in a remote location and exploring on foot.

In the company of a highly experienced guide, we will whisk you deep into the Coast Range on a trip customized to your levels of fitness and interest. From short leisurely walks to long strenuous hikes, where even ropes may be needed, each of our hikes has one goal in common; to expose you to wild and beautiful places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Whatever your age, all are welcome.

Wilderness River Drifts

Gently float down the Atnarko River and witness wildlife in action!

Gently drift along the river in non-motorized boats, while surrounded by towering mountain peaks and the forest while our guides help you spot wildlife, such as bears, eagles, fish, birds, wolves, deer and more!

First Nations & Valley Tour


Be transported through 10,000 years of authentic songs & stories as you visit sites significant to the local Nuxalk tribe. The Valley Tours also takes you to the giant cedar forests as well as the petroglyph stone carvings with a Nuxalk guide to interpret their meanings!

Guided Nature Walks

Explore The Great Bear Rainforest on Foot!

Join us on an extraordinary walking tour in the Bella Coola Valley. From the alpine to the ocean, and from old growth forests to volcanoes, these eco-escapes are ideal for all ages and abilities.


The Bella Coola Valley is a remarkable location for beginner/intermediate recreational fishermen.

Drift down the Atnarko River in a McKenzie Drift Boat and our expert fishing guides will show you the best fishing holes along the way. The valley is home to 5 species of Pacific Salmon!

Bird Watching

Our region offers an incredible diversity of birdlife that will make us a Must Visit location for birders.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge has the advantage of being located at the junction of 2 “eco-zones” enabling birders to view species from both these zones. A visit to us will enable you to see birds that normally you'd have to visit multiple locations.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

Get up close, yet at a safe distance, to grizzly bears feasting on salmon on our Private and Small Group tours!

These award-wining tours enable guests to observe grizzlies from non-motorized, comfortable drift boats & rafts on the prisitne Atnarko River.