Guided Nature Walks

Guided Nature Walks

Guided Nature Walks



Time of year

All season


2-3 hours

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level Easy - Light walking with a few climbs that are more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it, however, if you have mobility issues, this activity, or all our packages, may not be appropriate for you (call us to discuss).

To take part, you should be able to;
- Walk over uneven ground for several hundred metres for up to 3 hours
- Be able to step into a drift boat (3 feet high) on uneven ground

Explore the Great Bear Rainforest on Foot


Note: Guided Nature Walks take place from between June 8th and August 22nd. While we prioritize spots for our guests participating in the Bella Coola Explorer packages, we occasionally have space for non-guests. If you would like to join us within 5 days of making a reservation, please email the lodge directly. If you would like to book a tour more than 5 days ahead of time, please contact our reservations office (note: we cannot accept reservations for non-guests more than 2 weeks out).


Discover extraordinary walking tours in the Bella Coola Valley. From alpine to ocean, and old growth forest to volcano, these eco-escapes are ideal for all ages and abilities.

Join one of our experienced local guides who will ensure that your time is memorable and well spent. The guides have interests in wildlife, geology, glaciers, forests, ecosystems and photography. They have Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification, and also provide clean and comfortable transport to and from the trail heads.

All tours are designed with safety and weather in mind. You will be briefed on how to act and react in the wilderness. You will also learn the etiquette for exploring these often unique, and sensitive ecosystems.

Hiking the Bella Coola valley is a great opportunity to look for wildlife and, if you are visiting in late August to mid-October, you can watch grizzly bears feeding on salmon (note: it is rare to view grizzlies June to early August, but they are very plentiful from late August)! The guides know their favourite hang outs and will show you bear sign such as claw marks, day beds, scat, and tufts of fur stuck in the bark of rub trees. Other possible wildlife sightings include black bears, mule deer, moose, and American beaver, as well as mountain goats, bald eagles and numerous amphibian species. The adjacent lands are also a significant habitat for Vaux’s swift, the Peregrine falcon, fisher, wolverine,  and Townsend’s big-eared bat.

Areas We Could Take You

Atnarko River Adventure

Experience this adventure in the upper valley. It is often drier and sunnier up here because the east end of the valley is on the lee side of the Coast Range Mountains. Walk the Atnarko River where you will see a productive Salmon spawning river that lures Brown and Black Bears from miles around. Old growth Douglas Fir forests, Bella Coola Grizzly Bears, spawning Salmon, river canyons, glacial features like eskers, kettle ponds, moraines, flora and fauna, and delicate ecosystems are waiting for you to explore.

Heart of the Coast Mountains Tour

On this tour we drive into the heart of the Coast Range Mountains. We travel a forest service gravel road toward higher and more remote mountains plastered with glaciers. Back here is the famous Odegaard Falls. This phenomenal waterfall can be viewed from the road or from the lookout at the base of the falls. The trail is rated moderate in ability, and is about 2 km's in length. You won’t soon forget the gorge at the start of the hike or the magical forest that leads to the falls. Once you have experienced the falls and depending on time and weather we can follow the road further to a fabulous lookout named Purgatory Glacier and Styx Mountain.

Valley Tour

From the North Bentinck Arm Fjord to the bottom of ‘The Hill’, this tour highlights the entire valley from saltwater to the dry Interior Douglas Fir forests of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. The tour starts at Clayton Falls near the estuary and the inlet. We proceed up valley to a grove of ancient valley bottom cedars. This forest will inspire you. Then we continue walking East where we will begin to explore the upper valley as we pass through the Coast Range Mountains to the drier side. Here we will find glacial features, productive Salmon spawning grounds, wildlife, river canyons, wilderness and old growth forests.

Design Your Own Tour

There are many potential walking tours in the Bella Coola Valley. Our guides will be more then happy to design a walking tour specifically for you and your group based on abilities and goals. Ask our guides about unique spots such as an extinct volcano, valley lookouts, gorges, canyons, waterfalls and old growth forests, or to help you find wild flowers, bear sign, and which water falls are at their most impressive.

Tours are half day or full day. The Private tour options can be customized to suit your ability and goals.

Booking Info

Choose a Private Walk where it is just your party and the guide, or a Small Group Tour for a more economical, social option.

Suggestion: If you would like a tour customized to your physical ability, or if you have children with you, we suggest booking a Private tour.

  • Walk - Half Day - Small Group

    Half Day Tour

    per person


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  • Walk - Half Day - Private

    Half Day Tour

    Rate for group

    $475 for the group

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  • Walk - Full Day - Small Group

    Full Day Tour

    per person


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  • Walk - Full Day - Private

    Full Day Tour

    Rate for group

    $735 for the group

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Rates are exclusive of tax.


We strongly recommend pre-booking this tour prior to your arrival to ensure there is availability.

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