Heli-hiking around alpine lakes


Hiking along granite ridge lines with stunning views


Explore the alpine terrain of the Coast Mountains by helicopter!


Witness beautiful alpine lakes


Amazing reflections in pristine alpine lakes


Up to 4 people

Time of year

June 8 to October 15


Half to Full Day

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level


Fly deep into the Coast Range on a trip customized to your level of fitness and interests. From short leisurely walks to long strenuous hikes, where even ropes may be needed, each of our hikes has one goal in common; to expose you to wild and beautiful places that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Note: to join these tours you do not need to be a guest of Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Contact us to inquire.

The following options are Heli-Hiking tours. This is where you take a helicopter to access hard-to-reach, yet beautiful, places and go for a hike with a knowledgeable guide. We can make the hike as leisurely, or as challenging, as you would like. If you prefer a helicopter ride without the hiking, then have a look at the Heli-Sightseeing page.


Tour Options

All tours leave from the West Coast Helicopter hangar at the Bella Coola Airport (40 minutes from Tweedsmuir Park Lodge)

Heli-Hiking Bella Coola's Fjords and Peaks - Soar past giant granite walls, land on a remote mountain then enjoy a guided hike, walking along ridgelines and through alpine meadows. View glaciers amongst the peaks overlooking the valley and town of Bella Coola, as well as taking in fantastic views of the Coast Range and inlet. Includes approximately 30 minutes of flying time.

Mountain Pass Explorer - A moderate walk amongst wildflowers*, mountain shelves and the peaks of the Coast Range. Enjoy stunning views of the mountains and valley below. Being a short flight from the hangar, this tour is perfect for those on a budget. Includes approximately 30 minutes of flying time.

Alpine Lakes and Wildflowers - A perfect tour for those who would like a short, easy hike amongst alpine lakes and seasonal wildflowers*. This hike winds through a spectacular area with vistas of both the Rainbow Range and the Coast Range, enabling you to witness the transition from the drier Chilcotin plateau to the lush, verdant Great Bear Rainforest. Includes approximately 48 minutes of flying time.

Heli-Hiking Above the Great Bear Rainforest - Fly deep into the heart of the Coast Range and visit remote alpine lakes, calving glaciers and enjoy lunch in an alpine meadow or other stunning location with 360 degree views. This is the tour for keen hikers who want to really get off the beaten path! Includes approximately 84 minutes of flying time.

* Wildflower disclaimer - the possibility of seeing wildflowers is dependant on the time of year & the previous winter's snowpack. We cannot guarantee their appearance.

Heli-Hiking: 2021 Rates & Details

Hiking by helicopter! All Heli-Hiking tours include the helicopter flight, guide and a hike in a remote mountain location with a picnic lunch. We can make the hike as challenging, or relaxed, as you would like.

You do not need to be a guest of Tweedsmuir Park Lodge to book our Heli-Hiking tours. 



Rates are group rates (i.e. that's the rate regardless if there is, for example, 1, 3 or 4 people in your group)

Suggestion: make friends with your fellow guests and share the cost!

NOTE - If you have booked on a Private package with us, you can deduct $400 from the Heli-Hiking rates below as a personal guide is already included in the Private package as well as the Heli-Hike.

  • Heli-Hiking Bella Coola's Fjords & Peaks



    Rate for up to 4 people


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  • The Mountain Pass Explorer




    Rate for up to 4 people.


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  • Alpine Lakes and Wildflowers



    Rate for up to 4 people


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  • Heli-Hiking Above the Great Bear Rainforest


    Rate for up to 4 people


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Rates are in Canadian Dollars and are exclusive of tax. Rates are for up to 4 people. Tax is an additional 5%.

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